Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Totoro Forest Project

I love this movie. The first time I watched it was in art school. It is a magical movie about two sisters and their family. My sisters grew up on this movie and now my girls are also. There is an English dubbed version for little ones that can't read yet. I highly recommend the 90's version. Not the Dakota Fanning dubbed version. No offence to the Fanning sisters, but the earlier version is much better.

I just found this blog today and I think it's a real treat for all ages. If you have a chance drop on by the Totoro Forest Project. Pull up a chair and let your kids enjoy all the beautiful art also. I promise when your little ones watch the movie, they will be drawing Totoro's for days. The movie is sure to be a hit. If you like Totoro, Hayao Miyazaki has made several amazing films over the years. He also is releasing another full length animated film very soon about a little boy who finds a fish. It looks very cute. I think the fish is actually a little girl. If any of you are Miyazaki fans please feel free to let me know which of his films is your favorites. 

P.S. Don't forget to add Totoro to your "to do" list this weekend.

**To find this DVD/ Video on line type in the key word in google (My Neighbor Totoro) that is the official title of the movie. Hope that helps. A ton of listings came up for me.

Old Red Barn Giveaway

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3, yes 3 gorgeous quilts. All of them are too yummy for words.

I can hardly stand it! I would be happy to win any one of these (the pink & brown one is my favorite) 

In case you have never heard of Dana and her wonderful blog Old Red Barn Co. (what rock have you been hiding under) Now is a perfect time to get acquainted. Not only does Dana make lovely homemade all natural soaps, she is an amazing photographer and has great taste in music. She also hosts a quilt giveaway every now and then. These are no ordinary quilt giveaways. Nope. These are events. Gatherings of friends and strangers alike in blogland. All casting a hopeful comment. That maybe, just maybe ol' random number generator will pick our number. Oh Mr. Generator, please pick my number. So run on over and leave a comment for Dana, and if you win and it is because I told you about this awesome giveaway, feel free to send the quilt to one Summer Swanson, Sparks, NV. I certainly wouldn't protest.