Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Graduation Days

The first two weeks of summer have already flown by. I've been so busy hanging out with the kids I haven't had a lot of time to do much else once I'm done cleaning up after the day. I thought summer vacation would be a little more relaxed. I am having so much fun with the kids though.

Zoe graduated Kindergarten the week before school was over. She was such a cutie walking across the stage while she waved like she was at a Ms. America pageant. As each child came up to receive their diploma they told the audience what they wanted to be when they grow up. Zoe said she wanted to be a teacher. Which is an improvement from a superhero or a garbage man. Not that those two jobs aren't super important. I just think that teaching is probably a better profession to get into ;)

Zoe had a really great year. Her teacher Mrs. Andreason was amazing. They had a pretty tough student that caused a lot of problems for the class but she handled it with grace. I'm so sad that Aris won't be in her class this year.

I didn't get to know the T.A. as well but I am grateful for all that she did for the kids too. I know that without her help things would have been hard on everyone. They made a great team. Zoe is so excited to go to 1st grade now. I know that having such awesome teachers had a lot to do with her enthusiasm for the upcoming school year.

Sloan  graduated on the last day of school. She too had a wonderful year. Her teacher was just what she needed. Mrs. Madden is just the right amount of sugar & spice. She has no problem calling the kids out when they need it but she has also been known to be a real softie (just don't spill the beans to the upcoming classes) Her son is also a diabetic & she was able to stay on top of Sloan taking better care of her health.

 Sloan is at that tricky age where she's just sick of having this disease. She just wants to be normal like other kids. Mrs Madden was wonderful at finding an even balance for Sloan when it came to schooling & managing her health. We are so grateful for both girls having such wonderful teachers.

Zoe & Aris go back to school at the end of this month. How crazy is that!?!?!? However Sloan doesn't start until August. This next school year is going to be a little crazy with three different school schedules to juggle but I'm up for the adventure. Sloan in 7th, Zoe in 1st & Aris in half day kindergarten. It will be just me & my little buddy at home for the first part of the day. One kid at home is going to feel a little strange. I'm sure we'll find some fun things to do.