Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sketchbook Started

These are the first 8 sketches for my "Jackets, Blankets, & Sheets" themed sketchbook for the Sketchbook project. It's due Friday & I'm scrambling to get the 30+ pages finished up. My only saving grace is that I have a clear vision of how I want it to look. If not I'd totally be in trouble. I'll post more sketches tomorrow & the finished pictures On Friday. Just in case you are wondering, these are all blind contour line drawings. I look at the photograph I'm using as reference & don't look at the paper while I draw. The photographs are from a book called "Many Are Called" & it's filled with photos by the amazing Walker Evans. These sketches are so much fun to do & I wanted to have fun with this project. I'll be adding color, text, & numbers before I'm completely done. You can find out more about the project ::here::