Sunday, March 28, 2010

Reading With Grandpa

Is the Best!

Aris just found these board books from Japan that I had bought a while back at a thrift store. Erik made up a story for each of them since none of us can read Japanese. He was so animated and Dean & I just giggled. She never sits and listens to books for very long. I think she just adores her grandpa ;)

We are having a wonderful weekend with family. I am hoping to take a ton of pictures today. Didn't get many yesterday because we looked at houses almost all morning & afternoon. We went out for a yummy lunch at Red Robin & ended the day with a dinner of grilled tri tip, homemade mashed potatoes, oven roasted asparagus, & corn. Finished off the night with a homemade apple pie & some Bryers ice cream. Really and truly it was a yummy day ;)

Why did we look at so many homes? Well, we wanted Cindy & Erik to have a good idea of what there was offered in our area. At the end of the day they felt really good about the home we are hoping to get. We all do. Today we are going to go look at the house one more time. We should know by the end of the week a little more about when & if the home will be ours. I'm still praying that if it's the right home for us all will go through.

Hope you all are having a great & yummy weekend too!