Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Play Me A Song....

Mr. Piano Man

Oblio is at that I'm way too busy for my own good phase. You know the phase where you go to put something away, when you left the room your kid was playing nicely on the floor......but when you come back they are standing up on the table stage. Yup that's the stage we are at. He's busy. Keeping me on my toes Sigh. It makes tired just writing about it. We normally don't have the piano pushed up to the wall but we had to for a couple of days while Dean buttoned up the new hallway on our addition. It is starting to come together & I can't wait to share the process pictures very soon. All that's left is laying down the carpet & putting in the baseboards & the room will be finished. It's super cute!
Anyway, today I found Oblio in our 50 pound bag of carrots taking a bite off of a carrot & throwing it to the ground. He made it through several carrots before I found out his shenanigans. He's started taking steps too, but refuses to walk. He prefers to use a lobster like crawl instead. I think he's just taking his time. I'm okay with that little man. You just take your time.