Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Space of my Own


Saturday morning started with a platform & quickly shaped into this.

Our little design team.

At the end of Saturday Dean had done all this. Not bad for a days work, right?


Sunday Dean worked super hard to make the dormer and finish up the rest of the framing on the shed/studio/playhouse.

Zoe was so pleased with herself for climbing up and down the "limer" which really means "ladder"

Sloan playing on the swing.

Daddy's little helper.

Zoe watching her daddy.

Love this.

The end of the day & the weekend. I am amazed the Dean built this much of the structure in just two days. He's going to work on it again next weekend. The girls can hardly stand it. They are so excited about having a new playhouse. I'm so excited to have a space to call my very own. It will start out mainly as storage for all of my supplies and fabric, but it will also serve  as a starter studio too. I can hardly wait either. The second floor will have a small porch with a ladder going up, a climbing rope, & a slide for coming down. A tire swing off to the side will add some more fun for the girls. Deans also building a deck with some Trex decking supplies that he salvaged from a job a few years back. The customer didn't want it anymore, it was just too nice to take to the dump. Another really amazing thing is Dean was able to purchase all of the cedar for $50! He got it from a lumber yard up at Lake Tahoe. All the guys there know him, and the other day when he went to get some supplies for a deck job he's working on they were discussing how said lumber needed to be thrown out! Thrown out! All because it had been in the yard too long. Dean offered them $50 and they sold it to him. It saved us a little over a thousand dollars. That's how much it would have cost if he had to buy it retail. What a blessing huh? When all is said and done this shed will have cost us just a fraction of what it normally would. We are tickled pink. Plus I feel so good about reusing supplies that would have gone to the dump otherwise. Can't wait to share the progress with you guys.

Happy Easter!

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The girls woke up super early this morning. I made them stay in the room while I slept in the bottom bunk, and they played, for one more hour. Then we all went into the living room where the bunny had left a little basket of treats for my little bunnies! The girls were so eager to look at everything. I think everyone was happy with what they got. The bunny brings just a little candy to our house, he must know that Sloan has diabetes. What a smart bunny! He likes to bring a few special treats that the girls can play with instead.

At breakfast we talked about why we really celebrate Easter. The girls love talking and learning about Jesus. Now we are getting ready for Church. Hope all of you are enjoying your Easter Sunday with family and friends.