Thursday, July 10, 2008

So hot

Aris and her new baby. Grandma Cindy sent me a lovely gift certificate to EBay and I bought Aris her very own dolly with the gift card. She loves it.

Sloan set up this little "home" on the sofa. It was fun to watch them play.

Here they are. More pictures from the fountain. We go here twice a week and it is a fun much needed break from the heat.

It has been so hot this week. I just haven't felt like doing much. I have however taken a nap everyday this week with little Zoezzers. This heat just sucks the life right out of you. Today everyone reached their breaking point. The girls were grumpy and irritable, nothing made them happy. Sloan was so upset about how horrible her life was today, she earned an early bedtime @ 7:30. She feel asleep just a few minutes later. Then there is all this smoke coming from the fires in California. The smoke had cleared but came back in full force yesterday. It looks overcast like it is going to rain, but it's just smoke. We can't even see the mountains, that's how thick the smoke is. Crazy. I do hope you enjoy the pictures I posted above. Despite the smoke and heat I am still trying to have some fun with the girls.

The art of Failure: Chuck Connelly not for sale

All images were found on various sites when I googled the artists name. He has so many different styles, these were just a handful of my favorites.

I watched this documentary on the talented and eccentric artist, Chuck Connelly. Talk about a tortured soul. I had never even heard of this artist before tonight. I always enjoy watching films made about other artists. I love watching the ones about artists I have never heard of even more. Its like the light is turned on and a whole new world is opened up right before my eyes. The guy is so absolutely crazy and bizarre, but his paintings are amazing. I think any artist would watch this and sympathize with Chuck to some extent. I don't know any great artist who isn't a wee bit tortured. I think most artists may feel the way Chuck acts, on occasion. Where most people keep things together, Chuck doesn't. If you have a chance to watch this, I hope you enjoy.