Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hello old friend!

Ahhhh yes! My old friend paint. I love painting almost more than anything else. There is something so gratifying about a completely blank surface, and turning it into something beautiful. This is just the first layer of many. It is hard for me to justify painting at this point in my life. Sometimes I can finish a painting this size in just a few days. Other times it takes me weeks. Our home is small, we are remodeling and I have three little ones that need a lot of attention. Sometimes I just have to paint in spite of it all. This is one of those times. I will keep you all posted on the progress of this piece. I am a little be patient.

My little Sis

My little sis.

I took this photo, but Cristin photoshoped it.

I happen to have two little sisters. Brennan is 14 and cristin is 18. I have a brother who is 29. Isaac is a very talented writer, Brennan is a talented writer and artist and Cristin is also talented at art and photography. I don't know if she writes or not. I thought I would share some of the beautiful photos she has taken. I thank she has a very interesting way of looking at the world. Keep creating Cristin!

The first step

No I am not talking about Aris here. Although I can't wait for her to take her first steps. I am almost positive she will look like a little elf running about our house. She is so small! Back in January I wrote an entry about quite a few goals that I would like to accomplish before the end of this year. I figured this would be a perfect day for me to look back, and just kind of see how I am doing with all the goals I have set. Looking back I honestly feel like I am moving forward on all but 2 of the 10 goals I have set for myself. I really need to work on reading my scriptures more and composing the body of work for an art show, well lets just say I could really be working on this one.
I have made a very big step in the past two weeks. I didn't write about it until now because I wanted to make sure I was going to stick to my new habit. I know now that I am ready to eat healthy. This was one of my goals for the year. It is a hard one for me while I am nursing. When I am nursing I feel hungry almost all the time. I started to take a look at some of the unhealthy food I have been eating and have made some changes. One of the biggest I have made is when I start to feel hungry instead of reaching for food I drink some water or another low calorie beverage. I have found that most of the time I am just thirsty. These drinks don't replace meals this is what I do between meals. I am also following the three meals a day three snacks a day routine. For meals I am eating correctly portioned foods. I have a bad habit of just serving up whatever. As far as snacks go I purchased some rice cakes (I happen to like the flavored ones) and some spicy V8 juice and carrots. I usually have 8oz of V8 before I head off to work in the afternoon. Then on the way home I have a rice cake. This little rice cake keeps me from snacking as I make the meal and also I feel less starving when the meal starts. I am less likely to eat more than I really need. I am eating all the food groups that I need and drinking more water and I am feeling like my goal of living a healthy lifestyle is coming to fruition. I can't wait to get the double jogger so that I can start exercising. Than I can start training now for a race in the fall. I found a couple of really great sites online to guide me in what is needed when it comes to training for all different kinds of races. Like I said in the title, this is the first step of many. I am ready. If you have any words of advice, please feel free to share.