Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Did I tell You?

Did I tell you that I listened to Christmas music this evening? That I was grumpy all day long? I actually cried this morning out of pure frustration. A total pity party for all the unjust things in my silly little life. Complained to two very dear friends that were kind enough to lend a listening ear, and now I feel 100% better. 

Did I tell you that I am working on a project that I should have finished up months ago, but due to the fact that I work better under pressure I am working my little buns off to finish them up tonight? I'm taking a quick brake right now and then back to work. 

I think I gained back all the weight I had lost, all because there was just too much yummy delicious food to eat for Thanksgiving. Think I forgot that one.

My mum and dad are flying in this Thursday. I am super excited. I don't think I mentioned that yet either. 

Did I tell you that I miss my husband more than anything right now? Tonight we talked on the phone a couple times. It was fun just to say "hello".

My girls are sick. Did I tell you that I am sick of everyone being sick? Well back to work. Hope to post pictures of what I was working on tonight.

P.S. UPDATE:: Even though I got very little sleep last night, things are back to normal for me. Don't know why I felt so down in the downy dumps yesterday. I guess we are all entitled to a day or two of complaining. Sorry to be such a whiner.