Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My new stroller!!!!!!!!!

I wanted this........................

but I got this, and I couldn't be happier!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last night Dean surprised me by ordering this lovely brand new stroller for me. It was half the cost of the other one. It just made sense to buy this one instead of waiting and saving for the other one. I want to start exercising now, not two months from now when I could finally afford the other one. I am still sticking to my new healthier diet and the pounds are falling away slowly but surely. I am so excited to start jogging and training for my first half marathon in the fall. Thank you my sweet love for helping me to follow my dreams! I can't wait to get the stroller next week and take Aris and Zoe for their first jog around the Marina next week. I will be sure to post lots of pictures. Need to get back to work, I will post the work in progress pictures tonight.

Newest "Links I Like"

These are the only shots of the store I could find. I am sad because if you could see all the paper they carry, it seriously makes me drool.

I had a chance to run to one of my favorite scrapbooking store yesterday. The pink for "Ella" elephant just wasn't working for the illustration. I thought grey would work a little better and I needed to go and get some more paper. Scrapbooks Atelier is the most amazing store. They have the best selection of scrapbook paper here in Reno and ton's of embellishments for all your scrapbooking needs. The owners Silvia and her husband, and staff are super friendly. Silvia is not only a talented published scrapbook artist, business owner and mother of two darling girls, but a Dr. on top of all of the other amazing things she can do. It is a reminder to me that you can never dream too big. In her blog you can find layout ideas for all her amazing scrapbooking ideas. The layout's are set up so even the most inexperienced scrapbooker will find the ideas easy to use. I am linking you to her blog, you can link to the store website from her blog. Silvia was kind enough to look at my blog last night and left a super kind comment under yesterdays post. Thanks Silvia for your words of kindness and your creative spirit, you are truly an inspiration to us all!

(All photos of layouts are by Silvia, taken from her gallery of past layouts.)