Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sick Chickens

My little pumpkins are sick. I am hoping its nothing more than the sniffle kind. I will still be updating the shop on Friday, however it might take me a bit of time. The kiddo's needed a LOT of lap time today. I am excited to put all that I have been working on in their. Due to all the craziness over the last few days I am postponing my giveaway. I plan on having one in December for sure. 

Thanks for all your lovely comments on the new art. It is always fun to open up my blog throughout the day and see that you have dropped by to say hello. 

Aris Sings Happy Birthday

Cutie Bugs in Progress

I wanted to start my cutie bugs the other day, however I was having paper troubles. The background paper for the frames I have were just too small. I needed a background paper that had the same feel of scrapbook paper so it wouldn't spoil the flow of the image. When I was at Michael's last night, I picked up some of Martha Stewart's lovely 18"x 18" card stock scrapbook paper. It is perfect. Since I am working on two illustrations at a time I will forgive myself for not finishing tonight. These will be the last little guys I post in the upcoming Friday shop update. 

We will be heading down to San Diego for Thanksgiving this weekend. I couldn't be more excited. I can hardly wait to see my sweetheart. Although things have run so smoothly since Dean left (he's been working in San Diego for almost the past two weeks) I am missing that guy! I miss seeing his perfect nose and eating his yummy cooking (my girls miss it also). I miss our conversations and most of all I miss snuggling up with him at night. I just don't sleep as well when Dean is gone. Saturday will be a very sweet reunion indeed.