Monday, January 14, 2008

My attempt at painting

Sloan's puppet girl.

Makayla came over for a visit. The girls always have so much fun together.

There was a patch of ice by the garage that the girls found and they had so much fun sliding around on it.


You would have thought I had never painted a day in my life if you were a fly on the wall last night. The day was definitely working against me. Both girls got into bed late. Then when I finally got started painting it was a disaster. I kept having to remind myself that its been a while. I didn't expect a masterpiece, just a little more than what I did last night. This is going to be a good lesson for me. Keep working or it just gets harder. I am happy with the fact that I painted for almost two hours. Think of all that I could accomplish if I took two hours a day and worked on art.
I am adding a few pics from the weekend and a little paper doll that Sloan drew yesterday.