Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Little Ones

Holding this little guy helped me get my baby fix. See I'm not quite ready to have another little one yet, but I'm also not ready to close that chapter of my life either. So whenever I have a chance to hold a little bundle I take it.

When I'm holding a precious gift from God, I can't help but be reminded of what a miracle birth, life, and motherhood really is. How fortunate we are to be entrusted with these sweet little spirits. To have the chance to love them with all of our hearts, and teach them right from wrong. With the hope that one day we can send them out in this very cruel world and pray that all the skills we have taught them are used so that they can stand on their own. Eventually starting this circle of life all over again.

My Uncle T once told me, little ones are sent to us on loan from God. I sometimes have to remind myself about this. I sometimes have moments of perfect clarity when I look at my girls and realize that sooner, rather than later, I will be holing their children in my arms.

For now, I'll try to remember to hold them just a little tighter. To be just a little more patient. To laugh a little more & be a little less serious. To enjoy these beautiful little girls now. They grow too quickly. Because I still haven't forgotten all those sleepless nights, for now I'll just enjoy those baby fixes. 

Thanks Jennifer for coming over for a visit with your newest addition. We love you guys!

A Little Ketchup With A Side O' San Fran

For the record, Aris wouldn't let anyone near her water bottle all day long. Anytime we tried to help her hold it she kind of had a fit.

The flowers were so beautiful in the gardens there.

It was fun to visit the Oakland Temple. Zoe was super excited to visit "Jesus' House". 

After visiting the temple Roberta took the girls and I to a really fun group of parks right outside Berkley. There was a little farm where you could feed the animals lettuce if you want. The girls loved it. Although Zoe took a while to catch on to the concept.

I love the look on this lady's face. I have to say I'm right there with her. That goose was HUGE!

Tried to get a picture of me with the girls. It was hard. Aris and Zoe had missed their naps and they were a little grumpy.

From the farm we went into a little nature center they had right next door. They had all these little cutouts that you could look into and see dioramas of things. Zoe was fascinated by them.

Roberta and the girls.

I told you, it was like pulling teeth to get them to look the same way.

After the little nature center we headed over to the playground. The girls were in heaven. It was such a lovely Saturday. That evening Dean & I went with Roberta & Dave to a dinner at their church. It was a lot of fun.

David (Dean's dad) & Dean

Before we left on Sunday, David & Roberta took us to their favorite local restaurant. We had a lovely brunch and then hit the road. It was a short trip. Visits with family always end too quickly. We will be heading over to see them again soon. I can hardly wait. Love you guys, and miss you tons!

The girls drawing in David & Roberta's driveway.

The End

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.