Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Of Things to Come

Dean digging trenches for the footings of the greenhouse. This is so exciting. He's wanted a greenhouse for a few years now. A few months back he had a chance to do some work on a house & the owner wanted to get rid of it. They did a trade. Perfect since it's almost $4,000 to buy one brand new. This one even came with climate control for those super cold nights that we sometimes get here.

The first compost pile

The second compost pile.

So let's talk compost. I am in no way an expert on it whatsoever. All I know is that it's super easy & good for our garden. You can compost anything organic. We even compost our paper napkins. We have started to use fabric napkins but sometimes we still grab a paper towel here & there. With composting & recycling alone we have cut our garbage in half. Half! We are a big family & should be filling a few trash bags weekly. Some weeks it's hard for us to fill 2 cans. The great thing is all this goes right back into our backyard & not into some landfill. Believe it or not it takes about 2 weeks of us not emptying the sink of compost before it smells. Yes, sometimes it overflows & we are too lazy to take it out. The girls are big helpers when it comes to putting items into the compost. I almost never have to remind them.

The days have been perfect here. It reached the high 60's today & I have to say I'm longing for warmer weather. This week has been a little tease of things to come.

My little crew is ready for those warmer days too. Aren't we all?