Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ahhhhhh Freak Out!!!!

Quilt in progress

2 weeks from today I'll be driving to Utah to pick up one of my dearest friends from the airport. Then we will be attending The Sewing Summit! Woohoo!!!!!! Zana are you as excited as I am? What is the Sewing Summit you may be asking yourself? I'll tell you it's only going to be one of the funnest most awesomest sewing get togethers of the year that's what! You can find out all about it ::here:: I'm really excited to meet fellow creative bloggers that I have looked up to for the past few years. It's going to be fun to get away and just have some me time. Does that sound selfish? In all reality I haven't been anywhere all by myself since before I was a mom. That's like 12 years ago. I'm not gonna lie, I do feel a little guilty. It does help to know my sweet mother in law is flying out to stay with the kids while I'm gone. I know they will be in good hands. Having her here at home=Dean won't have to take off work=happy husband. 

I'm sewing my little biscuits off right now. I have two quilts to finish by next week. I would have been a little farther along but I had such a tough time with the above block. Silly right? I spent the better part of a week freaking out about it. Once I sat down & made a dummy block it just fit together like a puzzle. Quilting humbles me. I have so much to learn. I'm really hoping to learn some wonderful sewing skills while I'm at the Sewing Summit. So now the countdown begins! So freaking out! So freaking excited!!!!!! Come on people jump up & down with me!!!! Okay, now back to sewing.