Monday, August 23, 2010


Sloan & Omri

This weekend flew by! This year, as I have mentioned several times, is doing the same. Even Sloan mentioned the other night how fast the year is flying by. I haven't been able to do a whole lot since I got my cast on. I have been keeping up with the house one handedly, lol, but it takes me twice as long to do everything. It's very hard for me to cut or open things, so cooking is a real challenge. I'm so grateful for friends from church whom have provided meals. It has made life bearable. As for my little girls, well they have each been helpful in their own special ways.

Almost caught that smile...

Zoe has given me her doggy pillow to prop my arm up on when I sleep. Aris comes up several times a day a gives my cast kisses. Sloan is my biggest help. She has been dressing the baby, helping to dress the little ones, getting cuppies ready at bedtime, putting kids in car seats, & the list goes on. The most random tasks are very tough to do at the moment. I'm hoping in the next few weeks as my hand heals things will not hurt quite as much. I hate that it is hard for me to hold my baby right now. 

My little helper

Sloan has stepped up to the plate. Tonight she asked if I needed her to stay home from school to help out around the house tomorrow. I told her no, but let her know how much we'd miss her while she was gone. We really do. Yes I'll be glad when I can be a real mom again & not rely on my 10 year old to pick up the slack. But for now I'm so very grateful for this sweet little girl and all she does.