Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have had the opportunity to have a friend come over and work on art. It is so much fun to work along with another creative person. I feel like I have gotten quite a bit accomplished too. These 4 pumpkins are almost ready to put in the shop. Yippie! Can't wait to finish them and get to some of the painting projects I have on my list.

I'm also helping Sloanie with her big reading project at the moment. She chose to make a game that had to do with her book. I have cut all the squares for her (didn't want her to use my cutter) and she has made the most adorable drawings to go on the board. The book she read was Thimble Summer. It is a very sweet story. I think I enjoyed it maybe even more than she did. I will post some pictures of the game when she has finished.

Gotta go. 5:20 comes awful early & I feel like I'm getting a sore throat. Yikes! Hope to post the finished pumpkins soon. Oh & please pardon the dust around here. I'm in the middle of making a Halloween banner, just have to put it up in the AM. I do so love these Halloween colors don't you?

Fall is Here

Hard to believe that just a few weeks ago we were lounging around the yard & playing in warm crunchy grass.

The girls were helping daddy in the garden & running around in bare feet. Now we have taken all the winter boots and clothes out of storage & put them into drawers. There is something so cozy about sitting inside a cozy home with a toasty sweater on. I Love watching my girls run around in pants and layered shirts.

This weekend brought the first frost & snow of the season. Dean finished roofing the studio/playhouse so it would be ready for the upcoming snow and moisture of winter. He plans on putting up the rest of the siding this weekend & hopes to bring an upcycled door home from the remodel he is working on. It will be painted a deep cranberry red before we put it on (to match our front & back door). So excited about the thought of moving all of my art supplies and creative mess into my own little space. It won't happen until the spring, but it will be here before I know it & is worth the wait.

Only 4 of our pumpkins survived but they are the cutest little pumpkins I have ever seen.

The garden has died with the first frost, but the broccoli is still doing great. We had such a fun time with our very first garden & love that our girls are growing up with a love of watching something grow from the ground up. They love eating salads and other meals prepared with veggies from our garden. Can't wait to plant again in the spring.

Things have been so crazy around here. I have so many fun things that I have been working on & can't wait to share them with you over the next couple of days. Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of fall as much as we are.