Thursday, July 22, 2010

So Far.....

So far I'm loving this darling onesie that a dear blogging friend sent to little Omri. I met Adrienne when she posted a birth story on Design Mom's blog. She has a son who was diagnosed with diabetes not so long ago. I sent her an email and we started writing back and forth. It is so nice to have someone to complain/talk to about the ups and downs of living with a diabetic child. She is a sweetheart and talented to boot. I drool over her beautiful letterpress work. I love the Internet for the very fact that I have met so many very kind and wonderful people through this blog. Thanks Adrienne, can't wait until the other two onsies fit my little guy. I'm sure it won't be that far away due to the fact that he is already in size 2 diapers!

So far I miss my mom. She was so very helpful when she came to visit. She was only staying two weeks however Deans accident happened and she ended up staying a whole month. It was wonderful. I don't know if she would say the same. She worked her butt off while she was here and I honestly don't know how we could have done it without her. My girls miss her too. They keep wanting their Booma to come and tuck them up at night. "Just call her mommy and she will come over", they say. It's a tough thing to explain distance to a 3 & 4 year old. I'm also grateful for all the help we got from our wonderful church family. So many meals were brought over & there are still young men coming over to mow our yard on a weekly basis. Don't know how we could have done it without their help either. I can't wait to return the favor to someone in need. Despite all our setbacks there have been soooo many blessings it's just plain amazing.

So far I'm still trying to figure out being a mom to 4 little ones. I'm hoping it's something that I get a little better at day by day. I miss not having time for art. I know this will not always be the case. I'm enjoying the fact that I can sit and nurse my little guy and don't have to worry about where I have to be. It's fun to have that one on one time just with him. I know soon enough he will be running around and I will miss this slower pace of life. I will admit that it is odd to think after this little guy grows up a smidge there will never be another little one in the house after him. It fills me with this sense of aging I never had before. I know now that I'm going into that next phase of life. Don't laugh. It's just odd to think about growing up sometimes. I'm treasuring every moment. Even the crazy ones. So far I'm glad the good outweigh the crazy.