Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today's work

The finished first step. Dean sprayed on the primer. When you are using a darker color to paint something you always use a darker primer instead of a white primer. It's just easier to paint over.

Ah yes! Look at this mess!

Our makeshift kitchen.

Dean masking off the cab's to be primed.

Kind of looks like we are trying to camp in the kitchen, nope just remodeling.

Helping hands

This video is way too dark, but it was so cute to watch Zoe try to help her daddy sand.

You know you're a redneck if...............

You wash your dishes in the bathtub,

or the bathroom sink.

I know, there are tons of people in the world who wash dishes and laundry and family members in the bathtub and bathroom sink. Most of them have no idea what a redneck is. I just know if Jeff Foxworthy walked into my home this evening, he would have made this comment. By the way, I scrubbed the bathroom clean after I finished these dishes.

(The above comment is in no way meant to insult those of you are rednecks or despite having a fully functioning kitchen still choose to wash dishes in the bathroom.)