Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Favorite Times of the Day

My little Jammie time girls

My favorite times of the day are when the girls wake up in the morning, and when they go to bed at night. There are mornings when it is hard to find anything cute about Aris at 4:30 AM. However after I wake up I love her sweet little smile and raspy giggles. I love Sloan and her happy smiles, and Zoe with her cute little bed head hair. Everyone is fresh and rested and ready to start the day. 
In the evening when the girls are bathed and dressed in their jammies, teeth are brushed and Sloan's shots are given, I read to them. There are only a few nights a month where we just don't get to read. I try not to miss a night. I love it. It's my excuse to read all the kids books that I have been wanting to read. Then I say family prayer with the girls, and they each say their prayers with me. I spend a few more minutes singing each of them a few of their favorite songs. Most nights after I have gotten the water for the girls, I still end up going back in a few times. Kisses are given and I just love those sweet little girls. Once the girls are in bed I hopefully get to spend some time with my biggest sweetheart of all, Dean. Yes I love all my time with my family............ but these are my most favorite times of the day.

What I wish I had in my Closet

Yes, If I could spend any amount of money, this would be in my closet and I would be wearing it to church today. I would also rock her lovely do.