Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This is the next project I will be starting. It will be for our friends Justin and Liz' daughter Katie. Her nickname has always been turtle. They are such a neat family and their kids are so very cute. We always enjoy the times we are able to get together with them. The next few projects will be for the children of some of my friends. I am just trying to build up the old portfolio again. Last but not least I will be creating a few things for the upcoming JDRF Gala event. As much as I would love to sell my stuff right now, it's just not happening. I am just focusing on producing the work. The rest will follow when the time is right.

Last of the photos

This is Hailey with my two little ones. I have started watching her every Thursday. She is a total cutie.

Left to right: Carla, Lisa, Leslie, Me and in the front is Judy.

This was the lunch Carla invited me to at the local Outback Steakhouse. She had purchased two tickets to the private lunch. The tickets were to raise money for Baseball team Glenda's daughter plays on. Glenda was Sloan's first grade Teacher. They are a very good team and travel all over because they win so many tournaments. The money helps to cover all the traveling costs. Carla's husband was unable to attend so she called and invited me. It was delicious and I had such a lovely time with all my friends from FBCC.

Thanks Carla for inviting me to lunch! It was a special treat. Thank you Cristin for watching my girls so I could go. What a very special day.

Sorry it took me so long to upload all these photos. For some reason I have had some trouble uploading photos the past few days. Is anyone else having a hard time with this?

Cristin and Sloanie

I love love love this picture of Sloan. How cute is she?

Cristin has a new best friend. Sloan was so sad to see Cristin leave.

A really great weekend

I know, I know, some would consider this cruel. I think its hilarious!

This is right after we took the Hello Kitty hat off, see she was fine.

Sorry my posts have been a little lackluster lately. However I am back on the ol' creative horse again and ready to start kicking some art bootaay! Rounding up the creative ideas and ready to start on some new work. This weekend was just what the doctor ordered. Having Cristin visit was so much fun. We laughed and laughed and talked and just hung out. I am going to miss her and can't wait for July when all up girls can have one giant hen party together. It was sad to see Cristin go, and the girls miss her too. Zoe wanted to know where Cristin was several times tonight. Thankfully I was able to keep busy watching kids and helping out at FBCC. It kept my mind off the fact that I miss my family today.

On other happenings in our home, Dean worked so very hard in the kitchen all afternoon into the evening. Today he bull nosed the counter tiles. They look and feel great. All the dust that the grinder produced gave me a good excuse to wipe everything in the house down. I have a very nice lady from church coming over tomorrow with her three boys for a play date. I don't know her very well but I hope to make a new friend. We talked for the very first time today and laughed and laughed so I think it will be fun to get to know her better.

It is super late and I finally am feeling a little tired. I think I will go snuggle up next to my sweetheart and try to go to sleep. Sleep well and enjoy the pictures, I will post the rest tomorrow.