Monday, March 31, 2008

Afternoon sketch time

Aris has become my little desk mate. She is at that baby point where you can put a basket of toys in front of her and it keeps her entertained for quite a while. This is great for me. I am able to accomplish a little more when she is awake. As long as someone is near her while she is playing she is so happy.

Little elephant for the auction.

Little whale for the auction.

My little desk partner!

What a ham!

I was stuck when it came to ideas for the auction. I knew I wanted to do mostly animals, I just couldn't figure out what animals I wanted to do. I was getting ready for the day this morning and I got some ideas. The rest of the day will be filled with kids, art and hubby time. I will post some pictures of the progress later.

Some naked little biscuits!

I am in the middle of our day and I couldn't help myself I had to post this picture of Zoe. Beware, there is some nudity involved. I went to change her diaper and she decided she wanted to put on her boots and cook in the kitchen, without her diaper. I just had to take a picture, it was way too cute.

Well back to work. Hope everyone is having a lovely day.