Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One Down.... Three to Go



These have taken me much longer to finish than I had first expected. I am having major issues with my sewing machine. Something that should have taken me just a few minutes to finish has taken me almost an hour to finish. I did finish. I felt a little guilty for my lack of motivation lately. Hopefully I can get my machine working in tomorrow afternoon so I can finish the other three.

Lazy Days of Summer or I've Been Lazy

Finally organized our dresser. How do you like the broken lamp shade?

Call of the wild. Aris would squeal and then giggle while she stood up all by herself in the pool. It was pretty cute.

My friend Melanie came by and I asked if her kids wanted to stay and play while she ran errands. She gladly accepted the offer. They had a lot of fun.

Sloanie as some kind of pool creature.

Popeye climbing the steps of her slide. She did pretty good at this.

I have been so unmotivated this past week. Haven't gotten much creative wise accomplished. I am however having a ton of fun with the girls. That is after all what summer is about, fun with family and friends.

Guitar Time

Thanks once again to my brother! We are enjoying all the guitars oh so very much. Dean will sit down and start to play and everyone congregates to the living room. Not that we have a huge house, but it draws us together. Dean hates to have pictures taken. I had to sneak these shots in. Little Zoe playing with her doll, well there is nothing sweeter than her tiny little back and neck. The only thing that makes me sad about this picture is how fast she is growing, she looks so much like a big girl.
We had a ton of fun at the fountains yesterday. I am sad I didn't bring my camera. Tomorrow we will be going again. This time I will be way more prepared. I will be dressing all the little ones and myself in swimsuits, and both babies in swimmy diapers (don't ask you don't want to know) oh and one last thing, I will remember the camera. So many fun pics I didn't get to capture.
Well time for me to get ready for my morning walk with the girls. It will do us all some good. Aris is very grumpy. She had such a rough night and I suspect teething may be to blame. Hopefully she will take a good long nap so I can get some sewing done. Hope everyone has a super day!