Sunday, September 27, 2009


It's all coming along. Slowly but surely. I'm off to the back yard right now. Time to enjoy this perfect and most beautiful evening with all my loves. Hope your weekend was as delightful as ours.

When all Else Fails

Friday afternoon naps never go as planned these days. Friday I watch a little girl that is about 6 months younger than Aris. She always sleeps in Aris bed on Friday & the two little pumpkins share Dean & I's bed. Only problem is they won't take a nap unless I lay down with them. I could threaten spankings and taking the cuppies away, early bedtimes, it just doesn't matter.......I am met with giggles and little feet jumping on the bed. It's pretty cute until later on in the evening when they re both having meltdowns because they missed said nap.

So I finally gave in and decided to snap a couple shots of the little stinkers in action. They did fall asleep for about 40 minutes once I put the camera away. Please excuse the messy bedroom. I guess when all else fails you just grab a camera and have fun with the memories later on. I am well aware that a day will come, sooner than I would like, that they will no longer want to take naps & jump on beds together. I'll take these little monkeys. Please don't grow up too quickly you two!