Saturday, January 12, 2008

A much needed Dr. visit

So the verdict is in. I officially have pharyngitis and bronchitis. Two things the Dr. said would not go away on their own. So she gave me two prescriptions. The first is for a Zpac. I am so happy because those little Zpacs kick the yuckies so quickly. The second was for tussin drops to help with my hacking cough. I am hoping to feel some major relief by tomorrow. I am so, well sick of being sick. I am also ready to get starting on all the art ideas that I have in my head. I know it's an excuse, but I honestly haven't felt like doing much of anything but being mommy. Even that has been a stretch. Sorry to complain so much about being sick. Thanks for putting up with me.

I do want to add that a really sweet lady that I go to church with brought ,me homemade chicken noodle soup and homemade rolls. She actually made the noodles from scratch. The meal was delicious and very appreciated more than she will ever know. My good friend Hilary watched Zoe and Sloan while I went to the Dr. and for that I am grateful. When Dean came home from work I was able to take a nice long rest and he went and picked up my med's. There is not a day that goes by that I don't count my many blessings, and he is always first on the list. I don't know what I would do without him. He is such a good husband and father. I am very blessed.

Take 2 T of apple cider viniger and mix it with 1tsp of garlic paste and call me in the morning

These next few pictures are from a cute 50's diner we had lunch at. They had the yummiest garlic cheese fries.

Hello, my name is Cheesy with a capital C.


These boots were made for walking.

These next few are from a late night karaoke session. We had a total blast.

I love this photo. It is so Sloanie. Right after we left the store, Cindy had to return some stuff to the Reebok outlet store where Sloan proceeded to entertain everyone in the store with some dance moves strait out of shake your booty land. This is the little girl who is too shy to talk to you at first. People were walking by the window, pointing and laughing at her. She was a dancing fool. So cute.

Zoe watching Blue's Clue's.

Popeye playing.

More Christmas morning pictures.

Yup, I am up with my little Zoe at the moment. I wasn't able to sleep anyway. My throat is in so much pain. I am going to go to an urgent care first thing in the morning. Whatever is going on with me is now in full attack mode. I am starting to worry a little that it is more than just a common sore throat. I will however be so very angry if I go in and they tell me there is nothing they can do. If they tell me this, I will politely ask the Dr. to step outside for a round of punch me in my face and put me out of my misery. Plus I need to be well for my little ones, and my hubby.

Even though I have been so sick, I have had two awesome little helpers all week long. My little Sloan has been on her best behavior all week long. Zoe is a joy as always, only having one cry fest because she didn't think it was fair to have to take a nap the other day.
I am going to upload my photo's I guess because there isn't much else I can do at this time in the morning. (Sleep would be nice)
P.S. The apple cider vinegar thing does help