Monday, April 30, 2012

Halloween Mini Quilt

I had every intention of posting pics of all the neat projects I finished up last week. Truth be told I only finished up one. This cheesy little mini Halloween quilt. Do you ever have those projects that you start & things just don't "fit"? This was one of those projects for me. It just didn't feel right the whole time I made it. Because of that it took me forever to get it done. I tried several layouts & nothing seemed to work. The night before I had to take it to the Gala I HAD to finish it. They were expecting it. So I put together what I had & dropped it off in the morning. It's my least favorite thing that I've quilted so far. I think having a better selection of fabrics to choose from might have helped. It's slim pickings when it came to finding Halloween/fall fabric. Lot's of fabric for other holidays but Halloween.....hardly anything. 

Note to self:: Buy cute holiday fabric when its in season because it's really hard to find when it's not.

The good news is they liked it & the package it was put in sold in the first few minutes of the auction. My sweet friend Melanie made a purse for the package too (One of the projects I wanted to make but ran out of time). I sort of felt like I had a fairy godmother helping me out on Friday & Saturday. Melanie helped with the purse, my friend Marielle did my makeup & my sweet friend Rachelle fixed my hair. Dean gave me money to find something to wear. I even had a little left over to get a pedicure. My feet still feel relaxed! We had a blast at the dinner. Deans boss Mike & his girlfriend came with us. It was fun to listen to the band they had playing & the dinner was really yummy. I really enjoyed visiting with everyone. I'm not quite sure how much money was raised total this year but the live auction raised close to $100,000. Afterward we went across the street to the Silver Legacy & listened to another band play cover songs from the 70's. There were some super interesting people at the casino. People watching proved to be super entertaining. I'm so grateful that so many people come out to support JDRF. My hope is that a cure will be found very soon.