Tuesday, March 1, 2011

7th Finish

I'm almost ashamed to post about this finish. Mostly for how very long it has taken me to get it done. I won this lovely giveaway almost two years ago. Two.....years.....ago. Well almost. Anywho. SO as I was going through my disaster of an art area I found the box with this darling felt cake inside. I knew my girls would love to play with this, but I wasn't willing to pick up felt cake pieces from morning until night. I wanted to sew the little felt embellishments on. So I sat down & did it. It only took me a few hours of hand sewing over two nights. 

I love how it turned out! 

The girls love it too.

Even though I didn't actually make the cake I'm still counting the hand sewing as a finish. It's a project that has haunted me for far too long. 

::7 Down, 45 to go::