Friday, April 8, 2011

9 Months

So this is what 9 months looks like?

Where you are the center of their world & mine too.

Where muscles never looked so darn cute.

& the expression, "I slept like a baby!" must have come about because of you.

You love to clap your hands whenever you do something awesome.
You can pull yourself up on everything and you have even started taking a few steps with my help.
We had to lower your crib. Now we wake up to you standing in your crib.
You love music. You play on your little piano as much as you are able & when your sister practices piano you want to be right next to her.
You love it when I sing to you. You sing along in your own sweet way.
You wave hello to people & then when they say hi back you get shy & hide your face in my shoulder while you take peaks to see if they are still watching you.
You also have 2 teeth now. Your new favorite is tiny pieces of bread.
You are by far much rougher than any of my girls. With that being said you snuggle me up like none of my girls ever would.
I love you little Oblio!