Sunday, November 23, 2008

La Jolla Stroll

Our drive to San Diego went smoothly. When we got here it was early enough for all of us to take the kids to the happiest place on earth, the one, the only, Chuck E Cheese (this of coarse is my least favorite place). However it was perfect for three little girls that had spent a whole 9 hours in the car. They all ran and played and I will admit, I had fun. Jenn and I played skeet ball to our hearts content.
It was so fun to see Dean. When we got the kids into bed, Cindy and Eric watched the girls so we could drive Ben & Cristin (Dean's brother and his wife) to the hotel near the air port. They flew to Amsterdam today for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Then Dean took me to La Jolla. We were there at around midnight, but it was still hopping. Restaurants were busy and people were strolling along the streets. All the boutiques and art galleries were closed but we window "shopped" if you will. It was a blast. Then we walked down to the sea wall and looked at all the sleeping sea lions. The baby sea lions are so cute. It was so magical spending time with my sweetheart. I love it that he took me to La Jolla because he thought I would love looking around. We had a blast. I am hoping to get away one more time with just him before we head back to Reno.
Hope everyone is having a lovely week. I can't wait to post about tomorrows surprise for my mother in law. It should be a total blast.