Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Special Afternoon Indeed!

A few weeks back Sloan had a chance to participate in a group recording for an upcoming Christmas CD. This CD is going to be awesome with lot's of well know performers donating their talent! All of the proceeds from the sales of the album will go straight to JDRF. This money in turn will be used in funding research to find a cure for Juvenile diabetes.

It was fun to watch as all the kids sung together, there were about 15 kids. Some of the little ones were just adorable, singing with all their might. All of them children with diabetes. At the end of the session each child was asked to sing by them self. Sloan begged to go last. Even though she sings in honors choir at school, she's terrified to sing in front of first. When she sang every body's mouth dropped. I always loved listening to her voice, thought it was pretty great, I'm also her mom. Mom's always think their kids sing well right? It was so fun to know I wasn't alone in enjoying the sound of her singing. It really gave her a boost of confidence to hear words of praise from people other than me.

Tuesday I received a call asking if Sloan could come back to sing some background vocals again for the one song they had been singing before. They loved her voice so much and were just delighted to work with her again. I was flabbergasted! Sloan was so nervous but agreed to do it. I was amazed at how well she handled herself in the studio. She was like a different little girl, correcting herself when she sang off key, letting them know what she felt sounded too slow or too fast or not quite right. We all giggled when she would declare that certain takes were just perfect. I sat with a grin on my face the whole time.

I was even more surprised when the vocals she was singing along with were those of The Beach Boys. The Beach Boys! The same voices my mom grew up with and I used to dance around my living room to. She doesn't really understand the importance of this yet. I tried to explain what a super special treat it was to be in the same song as The Beach Boys. She just thought it was cool to go and sing.

I will keep you posted as things progress with this CD. It will be sold throughout the U.S. and Canada. 100% of the profits to benefit JDRF. Such a worthy cause!

*I have had a few people ask about how Sloan is doing. She is visiting the rheumatoligst next Tuesday. I am hoping that we will walk out of there and that she doesn't have this illness. I will let you know as soon as we find any new information. Thanks for all of your words of kindness and concern.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Dreaming of Art

School has started for Sloan. It doesn't quite seem fair to have to go back when the days are still so hot & the river and lake are calling our names. It felt strange to go and buy school supplies when the leaves are no where even close to changing colors. It was time. She was bored.

However things are not boring around our house these days. Nope we have had a steady stream of company passing through our home. It has been so much fun to have everyone visit. My mom & little sister just flew in on Tuesday evening. My brother and his girlfriend will be driving in on next Wednesday. Time with family is precious.

Despite all the fun with family & friends coming to visit, it has left me dreaming of art. Everything has all but come to a stop when it comes to art. It's okay. My mind is still thinking up all sorts of creative ideas to work on when things slow down a little. Good thing, because this little house of ours is going to feel mighty lonely when everyone goes home. I'll need something to keep my mind off of how much I am missing everyone.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturdays Are Filled With.........


Slippery slides

Silly sisters

& Shoes. (new, those are the very funnest kind!)

Friday, July 24, 2009

This Makes Me Smile

Oh how she makes me smile!

The Fun has Just Begun

Cindy, Erick, & Jennifer came up from San Diego this past weekend. It was so much fun to have them here. They stayed at the Nugget. It's right down the street from our house, less than a mile away, and it has a super fun pool to swim in. We took the kids over there twice to swim. They had a blast. We went to the Truckee River to raft & play in the water. Played games & went shopping. I got all of Sloan's school shopping done in one fail sweep at this store. I used my Gymbucks (thank you Zana) so I got $50 worth of clothes for a little over $32 due to tax. Everything is super cute. I am having a hard time believing that she starts school in less than two weeks. I love year round school, but the summer month is the hardest to go back early from. I'm super happy that we got all that shopping done for such a bargain.

I always dread the day that company leaves. There is always such an emptiness in the house the day after. Schedules are resumed, the house is cleaned, & kids get to bed on time. I still miss the fun of having family and friends come to play. The good news is that Cindy & Erick & Jenn are coming in just a few weeks to stay for another long weekend. They are coming for The Best in the West Rib Cook-off. It is one of our favorite events to go to. The ribs are delicious, tons of yummy fried veggies, funnel cakes and all the coleslaw one person could ever dream of. Amazing yumminess & the fact that we get to go with them this year will be a total blast. Can't wait.

What are you spending your long summer days doing? Hope you are all having as much fun as we are. Hugs to you all and have a happy weekend.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Long List of Things to Do

Little Bookworms that are on my work table at the moment.

I have this long list of things to do. At the top are a stack of unfinished projects. The good news is I have finished 3 in the last few nights and I can add these two little bookworms to the list tomorrow. Also have some fun boy illustrations I get to work on next, another card for Simply Sweet Marriage, and a few surprises. I guess It's hit me how I need to either get on the creative train and stay on or pack it up until I can really focus. I'm not ready to pack it up yet so you should be sing some real consistent work here. No really, you should. I'll be posting the finished works in the shop tomorrow. Come swing on by for the update.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


We met a little over 5 years ago & married 4 years ago today. I love him a little more everyday. Can't think of anyone I'd rather have all my adventures with than him. Happy Anniversary my sweet!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New in the Shop!!!!!!!

The frame measures a little over 9.5"x 11.5"

Remember these little guys?

I just listed "S is for Strawberries" in my shop.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"S" is for Strawberries

"S is for Strawberries"

& it will be in the shop tomorrow!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Dean & I decided to take the girls down town to the river for a walk.

Cool old tree stump.

Of coarse we all ended up in the river. Next time we will bring suits.

(Someone recommended I delete this photo. It's been removed.)

On our way back. A fun end to a wonderful weekend.

A Total Surprise

I got this lovely surprise in the mail yesterday.

Isn't it beautiful!

I have always wanted one of Dana's quilts and now I have one of my very own. I'm just ecstatic. Have you seen her beautiful work? Maybe you've entered one of her giveaways? You can find her blog here. She also makes yummy soaps and scrubs from all natural ingredients. I love visiting her blog every few days. She has such a lovely way of looking at life.

I placed it right on our living room chair (the one Not in front of the window, don't want it to fade) so that we can see it and use it on a daily basis. I love it! Just love it! Thank you Dana from the bottom middle and top of my heart! I will treasure it always.

How We Spent our Saturday

Not every Saturday, but most are spent outdoors. I put my foot down on movies and computer time. I'm a mean, mean mommy because I make everyone go outside and play. Terrible! Sloan would rather watch movies all day if she could. I am sure lots of kids like to do this. I mowed the yard and dean worked in the garden. He has done such a lovely job with it.

Our corn, broccoli, & squash (or zucchini)

Tomato plants, zucchini, and I think some cucumbers. We have never gardened before and I think if we had known how many zucchini one plant would produce we would have only planted two. Good thing we like Zucchini! It's going to be coming out of our ears. The pumpkins are coming along nicely and the tress are starting to grow. We even have a few pears on our pear tree.

We are so blessed to live next door to the nicest neighbors. Tony & Sara have watched our dogs several times when we have left town. We grilled up some yummy food as a thank you for all their kindness. Their daughter Haylie & Aris are just a few weeks apart in age. They have a blast playing together, last night Ring around the Rosie was a favorite.

How cool is this? A double rainbow. I haven't seen many of those.

The skies were full of dark black clouds and bright sunlight all at the same time. I love weather like that.

How did you spend your Saturday?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Last Weekend

We watched movies under snugly blankets,

out on the porch.

Went for a nice walk & the girls drew on the driveway with chalk.

We went to the Monterey Sea Aquarium.

It was magical.

Spent time with daddy.

Played with Grandma, Grandpa, aunties and cousins.

It was an amazing weekend. Any weekend with family is. We had so much fun & it was a nice way to spend the 4th. We didn't make it to the fireworks this year, however we listened to them as they went off in the distance. Monterey was a blast. Aris was giggling and so excited the whole time. Zoe loved looking at the fish & Sloan was excited to be hanging out with Kimberly. Kimberly is cool because she's 12 going on 21. Thankfully Kimberly is kind enough to let Sloan tag along. I was able to get to know my sister in law a little better. She is a sweetheart and an artist also. I look forward to seeing her and her sweet little pumpkin again.

This weekend Dean and I are going to be cleaning & organizing the house. Inside & out. I am hoping to post some art projects I have needed to finish up. Really in truly I work on stuff & then forget to post pictures. Shame on me.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I'll post some pics of the shed update. Cross your fingers for me please, Dean said he's going to work on it!