Friday, January 25, 2008

Hello from the land of tissue!!

I figured I would take just a moment to say hello and write a few thoughts down before the day gets away from me. Dean was home from work again due to a sore throat. If you know Dean you know how hard it is for him to sit still even when he is sick. So he decided to clean out the garage. While doing this he made a layout of the kitchen with the cabinets we are going to use. I guess he is getting sick and tired of having all the kitchen cabs taking up all his space in the garage. Good thing because he is super motivated to get going on the kitchen. I have a huge smile on my face right now. Really huge. We will be doing the kitchen in sections but I'm good with that. Anything will look better than what we have.
I will be picking up Abby and Sloan from school soon and this is their fun day. Friday is the day we call "popcorn" day. We pop up popcorn and watch a movie and then the girls usually play barbies for a few hours. Most Friday's we invite some friends over to have popcorn with us, but because we have been sick so much the last few weeks have been just us. Hopefully next week we can get back on track.
I have had a chance to talk to a few old friends through e-mail lately. It is so nice when you can still talk to someone like you saw them yesterday, even though you might not have talked in a while. I am so very blessed because I have so many wonderful friends and family members.
I will try to write some more tonight and add some more photos. Time to go wash some dishes and fold some clothes.