Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Best Package Ever!

Can you tell how excited she is? We start pump training in the next week or so (I'm in the middle of setting up training right now). This is something she has wanted for a few years now. I think she's just plum tired of all the injections. It isn't uncommon for her to receive over 1,500 shots a year. That's one thousand five hundred. Not to mention all of the finger pricks for testing her blood sugar that she takes on a daily basis. It is not uncommon for her to take over 2,200 tests a year. Yes her little fingers are calloused and sometimes she has to prick two or three times for one blood test. In her 7 years of having diabetes she has taken well over 10,500 shots & tested her sugar at least 15,400 times. Let me as her mother digest that for a moment. It has become such a common part of our lives. I remember when she was first diagnosed & it felt like our lives were over as we knew it. It did get easier. It continues to get easier. Not that living with diabetes is easy by any means, but caring for her health continues to become a little more understandable on a daily basis.

What will this pump do you might be asking yourself? I don't know much about it myself. That is what the training is for. I just found out our first class is this Friday in our home. Yippie! I do know that her port site only has to be changed every 2-3 days depending on how her body reacts to the equipment. In reality we are looking at on the high end of things 183 site changes a year. That is a huge difference. She is excited to have more "control" over her own health. I think she feels that owning a pump is for big girls (even though very small babies use pumps). I am hoping that with constant monitoring we can get her A1c below 9, she's almost there! 

So wish us luck! If you have any experience with diabetes in your family or experience with the pump please leave some comment love. We are newbies here, advice is totally welcome. Also, like I said, we are new at this so if I've in anyway given wrong information about the pump my apologies. I can't wait to share this journey with you all!