Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2nd Auction for Daniel

My sweet friend Daniel passed away almost 3 weeks ago. He was such a fighter. Danny had been sick since I had met him back in high school. I was really good friends with his brother & every once in a while we would talk about how Daniel was struggling or how awesome he was doing. Even though Danny was the little brother he was such a great example to everyone around him. Danny was an amazingly talented artist. He had a chance to go abroad & paint & visit museums. Although he loved art & living a creative life his real passions were his family & his testimony of Christ. He loved sharing the good word with others & even though his health was poor he touched others with his fighting spirit & faith that no matter what the outcome, he would still be okay.

Daniel's family was so grateful & touched by the generosity of the last auction. Even though they are no longer saving for a heart, the money earned from this auction will go toward paying off medical bills & cost of living in the hospital for the past year. Danny spent the last year of his life in the hospital waiting for a heart because he was too weak to leave. 

I met Sally Murry at the Sewing Summit last October. She was funny & has a heart the size of Texas! Not to mention she is one talented lady. When she heard about Danny's situation she asked if she could donate something to be auctioned off. Sally has never even met Danny or his family before but I am almost positive her mother heart felt the same sympathy any of ours feel when we hear there is someone in need......how can I help.........what can I do.......& then she did it. Thank you Sally from the bottom of my heart for your generous donation.

Sally said, "My original inspiration was my rosa rugosas, which are blooming a little early this year.  I had pink and green scraps lying atop the brown and they looked like freshly-planted roses to me.  The rosas were too prickly to cooperate for a photo but the runner also looks nice next to hubby's peas, which are just beautiful this year. I added a border of the brown, then a teeny green one, then bound in the brown.  Used the brown for a backing and quilted on my DSM in diagonal lines.  Cotton batting (Warm).  Final quilt runner size is 16"X39"."

I'll open the bid with $35
The next person will bid $36 or how ever much you want & so on & so forth. Bidding will take place in the comment section of my blog. Make sure you look at the previous bid in the comment above yours so you can bid accordingly. The auction will end on Saturday July 21st at midnight (my time here in Reno) When the auction ends I will contact the winner to set up payment to Danny's fund. Once the payment is made Sally will mail the quilt your way. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! If you are interested in making a donation to Danny's family please contact me at: summietummer@yahoo.com

Thanks for bidding :)