Sunday, July 18, 2010


Omri 2 weeks old & Harvey 1 month old

I had the best intentions of posting my birth story along with another post on all the amazing love and help we have received from family and friends over the past few weeks. Instead I found myself shivering with aches and chills all of Thursday night and well into Saturday morning. I have never had mastitis until this little guy. Let me tell you it is as bad as they say. I seriously felt like I was dying of the flu, my whole body hurt. Aches & pain in every joint, only my boobs felt like they were being stabbed by toothpicks and full of fire and I kind of wished they would fall off that's how badly they hurt. Too much info? Maybe. I'm just grateful I only had to suffer through it this once and not with every one of my little ones. Thank goodness for modern medicine. After 3 days of antibiotic I'm feeling like a normal human being again.

 Looking forward to catching up on the ol' blog. Posts and pics to come.