Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Catchup

These two had so much fun together. We love our little cousin! 

Aris stuck to the smaller kiddie rides but still had just as much fun. 

Zoe was so brave & rode several of the grownup roller coasters.

Grandma Cindy & Zoe after a ride. 

Erik & Cindy

Omri wasn't too sure about all the rides. He had this reaction on almost every one he went on. 

This was one of the only rides he really could handle, can you blame him? Who wouldn't want to ride on a big rig ;) 

The kids on a ride with Uncle Ben.

Zoe wasn't too sure at first...... 

Daddy talked to her & she felt so much better. 

 Last ride of the night!

We had so much fun on our trip to San Diego. The ride down & back was super hard on Omri. He just didn't understand why he had to sit for so long. 9+ hours is a hard drive even for me. Hopefully next year when we drive down there it won't be quite so hard on him. Thanksgiving dinner was super yummy. Everything tastes better when you are surrounded by the people you love! Cindy, Sloan & I went on a girls day out the day before Thanksgiving. We all got pedicures & ate lunch at Chick-fil-a. It may sound silly that I get so excited about eating there but we don't have one in Reno. I love their nuggets & fries! It's probably a good thing we don't have one here, I'd weigh 500 pounds! Haahaa! 

Dean & I got to go out one night with his brother Ben & his wife Kristin. We ate at a very tasty Mexican/seafood restaurant. We walked around the marina & then headed downtown to the yummiest dessert place called Extraordinary Desserts. We all ordered several things & shared. Each dish had edible flowers decorating the chocolate. They looked like works of art & tasted like Heaven! If you ever have a chance to visit downtown San Diego you have to trust me on this one......don't miss eating here! You will thank me for it later.

Knotts Berry Farm was a lot of fun. There is a pretty decent balance of kids/adult rides. We all split up at various times during the day so all the adults could ride "big kid" rides while each of us took turns taking the kids on smaller rides. Sloan & Zoe were so brave! Both of them rode several of the "big kid" rides. I think the scariest ride was the Supreme Scream. I have never been so scared in my life! I screamed a scream that I have never screamed before. I seriously thought I was going to die! Haahaa! My husband was cracking up. It scared me so much I had to ride it two more times  &then I was done. I thought it would get less scary but it didn't. I'm pretty sure I said a curse on the last two times down. 

I think next Thanksgiving we are going to shoot for Disneyland. The kids will be at the perfect age for enjoying all the rides & Omri will be even easier to handle out in public. Did I mention he has a habit of running off in public places? Yes I've lost him twice. Only kid I've ever had that problem with. I don't know if it's because he's a boy or he's my curious little buddy or maybe it's because he's my fourth. Nothing is scarier than loosing a child in a busy public place. Hopefully when we head for Disney he will have outgrown this phase.

I always look forward to our trips to San Diego. I miss our family down there so much. I look forward to visiting again hopefully sooner than later!