Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Hooray! I finally sent these off in the mail. I feel a little guilty, these took me a little longer to do than I had expected. I made four in all (Sloan had hers on her doll). I am pretty happy with how they turned out. I think my next doll outfit project, dresses, will go a little more smoothly than this one did. We will see.

This is my newest project in the works. A quilt for each of my little one's. The fabric above is part of Sloan's quilt. She wanted this fabric as soon as it arrived in the mail. It is from the Amy Butler line Midwest Modern Squares. I love how the colors are so bold. I also think they have that sort of "Roxy" look without the "Roxy" logo plastered all over it. (Nothing wrong with Roxy) When sewing and buying things for Sloan, I am trying to remember she is getting older, and doesn't want all the little girl stuff anymore. She still likes dolls and Barbies and toys, but I catch little glimpses of her wonder years approaching faster than I would like. This quilt, I hope will match with her "big girl" room when we add the addition. Sorry to ramble on about silly fabric.

Hello Kitty

Sloan got this little tent on her birthday a few years back. Sloan decided to take it out on Saturday when Brendan came over to play. The older kids lost interest in it pretty quickly, however Zoe couldn't get enough of the tent. She played and played for the whole afternoon. It takes a little time to set up and take down but I feel it was totally worth it for all the fun Zoe had that afternoon.