Wednesday, April 29, 2009

JDRF Gala Painting Progress

So very grateful I have all but one of the paintings sketched out. What's that you say? You see an extra mermaid sketch in there? Yep it's true. As soon as all the paintings are done for JDRF I'll be adding the extra mermaid to the shop. Also hoping to add some other fun paintings too.

Worked on these little gals last night but didn't get as far as I wanted. Sleep sounded just a little too good. I was exhausted. Today however I'm ready to rock the casbah. Well I was ready to do that until I looked up all the possible meanings. Haahaa. I am however ready to bust a move on these paintings tonight. Hum? Maybe I need to get a little more sleep than I thought, I'm making wayyyy to many old skool references right now. Off to make some homemade pizza and then start the night routine. I'll post an update tomorrow on the mermaids. 

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