Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sunflower Family

Just the beginning of the Sunflower Family painting, but I thought I would show the process. I have to finish this one by tonight! I am dropping off the large abstract and the monkey illustration to the JDRF office tonight. I would take them during the day but the large canvas won't fit in my car. Dean will help me load the canvas up in his truck and off it goes for the auction. I am a little nervous about all the work I donated. What if people don't really want them? I hope I don't walk by someone during the auction and overhear, "Did you see the crappy art they have at this years auction?", if I did I would just turn a hundred shades of red. Oh well art is very subjective. I am the first to realize that my art isn't for everyone. We will see. I've got a very busy day ahead, but I will post before the night is through. I have some cute pictures of the girls (sorry grammas & grampas, I haven't forgotten about you guys) and I will post them soon.