Sunday, August 1, 2010


My little beach bum

So I think that my last post was a little misunderstood. I hope I didn't come off as sounding like I have it all together. Because I don't. Seriously, when I said we are back to some sort of normal I meant it. Only our new normal is not like the old kind of normal. It hit me super hard yesterday how un-normal my life is these days. I spent the better part of the morning crying. Mostly out of self pity. A portion of it was due to the fact that our house looked like a bomb had gone off. Some of the tears were due to the fact that we have had so many major changes in our lives over the past two months. A major move, a new baby, Dean breaking his ankle, Dean not working, trying to fit into a new group of friends, & well the list goes on. I really don't chalk this cry fest up to hormones. I think sometimes we just need a good ol' fashioned cry. Yesterday was one of those days.

Today I woke up and felt much better.

I cleaned our home & spent time with the girls. I even worked on stuff for my new shop. Everything just happens slower. Turtle speed is what I like to call it. I'm just trying to keep positive and share the happy moments with my family and friends. Those are the moments that seem the most special and worth the mention.