Thursday, April 2, 2009


Sorry guys, I'm feeling so sick. Promise to post about the upcoming JDRF auction in the morning.

Basket Full of Sunshine

 The project I have been working on had to be put on hold for a day or two. Since I couldn't sleep last night I decided to work on a couple ideas that have been floating around in my noggin. I found these cute little baskets last week. Although I am too late on getting them in the shop for Easter, I have come up with some non seasonal ideas for them. They are tiny. My little Sloanie is holding the basket in the last photo, if that gives you an idea on size. I thought these would be cute to give as a gift with tiny little nick knacks inside, a little treasure basket if you will, to a friend or family member. I'm sending this one to a friend. Hopefully I will have a few of them in the shop by next weekend.

*Be sure to stop by later tonight for some exciting news about an upcoming JDRF auction.