Saturday, June 20, 2009

3 Little Dancing Monkeys

I started these little guys on Tuesday night around 8:00 pm & finished them up right at 5:30 am Wednesday morning. I haven't pulled an all nighter in years. A friend of mine asked if I could make some art to go along with this darling bedding line, pop monkey. The reason I had to pull an all nighter, well silly me, last minute Larry that I am totally forgot she had asked me to do some artwork. I had planned on starting them Sunday but I was unable. Monday I started painting and the painting just looked horrible. So I had to start from scratch. Sometimes things just don't work no matter how hard I try to make them. So when I started on the paper monkey illustrations they just flowed. I was super happy. They measure 12"x12" each, and are made with cut scrapbooking paper & glue. I think they turned out not to shabby for one nights work. My husband was a little bugged that I stayed up all night to do them. He's worried about me not getting enough sleep. He does have a point. I really do need to get more rest. I hope that my friends sister in law likes these and that her little one enjoys them for years to come.