Saturday, December 11, 2010

14 Days

For Makenzie

This blanket was so fun & easy to make. I'm hoping to share a tutorial with you in the new year. I've finished 2 Christmas gifts but still have so much to finish. I know I can get it done.


Sloan goofing around waiting for the doctor

We flew to Vegas yesterday, just Sloan & I. As soon as we touched down a taxi took us to her appointment. We have been trying to get her into this specialist for 2 years now & she was worth the wait. What an amazing Doctor. Not only did she spend a whole hour with Sloan, she immediately found swelling in Sloan's joints. Something other doctors haven't been able to do. The bad news is that she has arthritis & will be starting medication right away. The good news is that she doesn't think its rheumatoid. That is a blessing. 

So what comes next? Well Monday I will take her in for a series of x-rays that will show any bone deterioration that has happened due to the arthritis. Depending on the severity of damage the Dr. will put her on a more powerful medication. I'm really hoping it doesn't come to that. I am just happy to have this Dr. on our side. She was wonderful with Sloan. You can tell she really loves what she does & wants to see her patients feeling better. Our prayers were answered.

The whole day went pretty smoothly. I am so grateful for Sloan's insurance. It paid for everything, even the flight & taxi rides to & from the airport. I'm also grateful for my sweet friends Trisha & Tara. Trish watched Omri all day long. That was a big deal. Tara was so sweet to watch Zoe & Aris. She was a life saver! 

The only bummer about the whole day was the fact that I started feeling sick when we got to Vegas. By the time we were boarding the plane to head home I had a full on sinus infection with a sore throat to boot. Adding insult to injury Omri woke up screaming for a few hours in the early morning & Zoe decided to joint the party by throwing up three times. Sometimes I feel like I'm not a mom at all but a nurse! Lol!!! Thankfully Zoe is feeling much better today. I did put the girls down for a nap & I'm hoping the extra sleep will help. Omri on the other hand woke up this afternoon with a low grade fever. I think he might be teething but you never know. Hoping to catch a nap in just a minute. Well that and overdose on some vitamin C. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!