Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quilt Auction for Daniel

Front of quilt

Back of Quilt

The baby quilt measures 39"x33.5"

I used my beloved fabric stash of American Jane for this little quilt. The back is one single panel of printed fabric even though it looks like little blocks of fabric. The binding is a fabric I found at JoAnn's.

Detail of the quilting. I drew lines with my tailors chalk that way I'd have a guide for when I quilted it. Then I used the two different free motion quilt stitches.

On the front I used some cream colored muslin & the last of my fabric squares of American Jane. I paired it with some black & white polka dot fabric. 

I've already washed it & it has such a yummy crinkle to it.

It's ready to find a new home. Could that new home be YOUR home? I sure hope so. I'm auctioning off this little quilt to help raise money for my friend Daniel. Please take a few minutes to read his profile. He's been sick for such a long time. Ever since I've known him he has been struggling with his health. He's one of the nicest guys I know & so very talented. The money earned will go to cover living costs during the surgery & his recovery. As you can imagine any chronic illness can take it's toll financially on a family. I'm asking for your help fellow friends & bloggers to spread the word. Let's raise some money to help Daniel.

 Please spread the word. I'd love to raise as much money as possible to help out my friend!

Here's how the auction will work

I'll open the bid with $35
The next person will bid $36 or how ever much you want & so on & so forth. Bidding will take place in the comment section of my blog. Make sure you look at the previous bid in the comment above yours so you can bid accordingly. The auction will end on Saturday June 9th at midnight (my time here in Reno) When the auction ends the winner of the quilt will pay directly to Daniel's fund & once you have sent me an email with confirmation of the payment I'll mail the quilt your way. If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Happy bidding & thanks in advance for all your kindness in helping with such a worthy cause!

If you feel so inclined I'm adding a button you can use if you'd like to link back to this auction.

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Auction is now closed! Thanks to all who were bidding.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pot Holder Teacher Gifts

Well here they are! It only took me a week & a half to finish them. This was supossed to be a weekend project but I ran into a couple little bumps along the way. Like the fact that I had no fabric that would match for the binding. I made a run to my favorite local quilting store to see if they had any of the fabric line I used. thankfully they had a few fat quarters left. I had planned on harnd stitching the binding but changed my mind after talking to Susannah. I've never been able to do machine binding very well but figured I'd give it another try. I am so glad I did. I made a few little mistakes but this will be my go to when binding "tiny" things. Did you happen to see her amazing quilt? Funny story, we bought the fabric we used for both of these projects the last time she came for a visit. Almost 4 years ago. The even funnier thing is neither of us planned to finish these projects at the smae time using the same fabric. I love it that even though we are so far apart we still find ourselves creativly on the same page. 

I'll be taking these to the girls teachers, office staff & Sloan's school nurses the last week of school. We have been so blessed to move to a neighborhood that has such wonderful schools right in our back yard. Three more weeks of school! This summer is going to rock. I'm already planning some fun things for the kids & I to do togeather. Dean also bought me a bike this weekend! Looking forward to bike rides with the girls. Dean is getting in on the action too. We are on the lookout for a bike for him. Crossing my fingers we can find something sooner than later. Really hoping to make some fun family memories this summer.

Swing by tomorrow. I'll be sharing the baby quilt & starting the auction for my sweet freind!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Little Hands Quilt

The front 

I adore Zoe' teacher. She is really creative & wonderful. My only sadness about this whole school year is not being able to volunteer in her classroom as much as I have wanted. I figured the least I could do is offer to make some quilts for the end of the year auction. This is the first one that was auctioned off to raise money for an art program at the school. We kept it pretty basic. Just little hand prints. Each child wrote their name in permanent marker beside their print. I chose to use grey & orange because I wanted to keep it gender neutral. That way a boy or girl would be able to enjoy it. 

 The back

I kept the back pretty basic. I tried to find some other fabric to match the grey fabric I used on the front but not much matched the orange or the grey in either fabric. So I went with the orange with yellow polka dots. Isn't that crazy? Out of hundreds of fabrics in 2 stores not one thing really matched. Please tell me I'm not the only one this happens to.

 I chose to do a pebble stitch on this quilt because I was just quilting the strips of the front. I really thought it wouldn't take me that long. Wrong. It took FOREVER! Lol. One giant spool of thread & two broken needles later I finally finished. It was worth it though because I got to practice this stitch. I think it turned out okay too. I won't be using a pebble stitch again unless it's a much smaller project. I think Zoe' teacher liked it too & that makes me super happy. I'll be making one more quilt for her class & plan on sharing that sometime soon.

Right now I'm working on two little projects. The first one is these potholders made from some scraps I've been hoarding for a while now. These will be given to the girls teachers for a belated teacher appreciation gift. They were meant to be a quick one weekend project. Somehow it turned into a week long project. I just have to add the binding & they will be done. 

This is the second project I am almost finished with. I'm having so much fun quilting the top. This one will be auctioned off on my blog next week for a dear friend of mine. He's waiting for a heart transplant & all the money that is raised will go to living expenses while he is waiting for the transplant & after he receives his new heart. He is one of the nicest guys & a very talented artist. I am hoping to help raise as     much as possible to help his cause.

So grateful it's almost Friday. Dean has been working on the house again & I've been helping out in the house with organizing & a few projects on the back yard too. My goal this weekend is to get the garage organized. I'm trying to clean out & give away the things we just don't need anymore. It's a huge task! I've also started sketching. Susannah & I talked the other day about just how much we miss drawing. So I broke out the ol' sketchbook this week & have a few fun ideas I'm working on.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bloggers Quilt Festival Voting

Hey friends! Today is the day you can start voting for your favorite quilt over at Amy's Creative Side.

If you feel like you liked mine enough could you pretty please vote for it? I'm quilt number


Thanks so much! Be sure to drop by tomorrow also. I'll be sharing another finished quilt.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Sunday we stayed home from church. Omri started getting sick on Friday & by Saturday evening he had already barfed & had a diaper that no human being should ever have to smell or change. Ugh. Poor little man. So we stayed home & kind of did a whole lot of nothing. We did manage to watch the eclipse.

The girls played out front in the sprinklers during the eclipse. Omri Dean & I sat out back & I snapped a few pics. It got super cloudy but that actually helped us to see it better. 

Can you see the ring? It's right above the tree kinda to the right. 

In the middle the clouds really rolled in. It was so bizarre how darkish everything got. 

Then the sun peaked through & allowed us to see the sun almost completely covered. Do you see it? So very cool. It really was fun to watch. Got me thinking too. The next eclipse of this kind won't happen for another 25 years. That means I'll be 60. How strange is that? I was ten 25 years ago. I think I was in 5th grade. Now I have 4 kids & a husband, mortgage, & still the same hopes & dreams of that little 10 year old girl. I think for the most part I've lived a pretty happy life. Here's hoping the next 25 are just as happy!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thimble Summer Tumbler Quilt Finished!!!!



The shaped edges 

I just treated myself & purchased these pillows last week. I found them last year but couldn't bare to pay the price. Ouch! So I've watched them in hopes of a sale or markdown & it finally happened last week!!! I was so happy. I bought two & they fit perfectly with the flow of our home. Cozy & eclectic.

I love how the quilt compliments the pillows. All of my favorite vantage colors together in one blanket. 

 Our walls are still unfinished & we still don't have a bookshelf built yet but the colors that we have throughout will stay the same. I really think the quilt helps to pull it all together. I know I have a quirky sense of style but I try to fill our home with things that bring a smile to our faces & cheerfulness to our home.

Crinkly goodness 

Just a sneak peek of what else I've been working on. I've been a quilting fool! Teehee! Can't wait to share these two little quilts with you very soon!

It's hard to believe that it's taken over a year to finish this quilt. It was my very first attempt at making my own pattern & I am so tickled with how it all came together. I didn't do any fancy cut outs on the back like I had originally planned. I wanted so badly to finish the back with giant fabric tickets to match the tickets on the fabric but sometimes I have to scale things down or I'll never get them done. I really wanted to finish this quilt up so I'll try my ticket idea on another project in the future. 

Tumbler quilts have been around for a long time. I still plan on offering this pattern in my shop in the very near future. Susannah of An Art Nest & I are teaming up to write the pattern.  It's a very simple quilt that I feel a beginner could make or a novice sewer would still find a fun project to whip up.

I'm starting to feel a little less nervouse when quilting these days. I'm learning to trust my instincts & have fun with the process. I've been watching some fellow bloggers getting ready for quilt market. I can't help but feel a little twinge in my heart. I think I'm starting to relaize what direction I want to take my art & creativity. Now I just need to do the work & figure out how to get from point A to point B. I'll share more very soon :) Hope you all are having a great week!

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Before & After

Little Mo & I have been talking about cutting her hair for the past week. 

She went back & forth on the whole idea. 

The weather is getting warm & her hair was getting harder & harder to comb. 

She was waking up every morning with her hair looking like mice had played in it all night. 

& when she came home from school her crazy messy hair (the same hair that looked nice that morning after combing it) made her look like a homeless child. Not to mention the dreadlocks that would creep in from time to time. We talked it over & she decided she wanted to cut it & donate it to locks of love. She told me she wanted the little kids that don't have hair to be able to wear hers. So cute.

So she donated 10" & looks oh so cute. I love my sweet little Mo & I'm grateful she is already very aware of what kindness is & how helping others is such an important part of who we are. She is really enjoying taking a bigger part in fixing her own hair in the morning. I really only have to help her with her part & she does the rest. She's growing up & turning into the sweetest little person. I just love it!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Life's Been Full Of......

Super Hero's
(Drawn by Zoe) 

Wookiee lunches 

Playing in the afternoon sun 


Finishing unfinished projects

Goofy faces

& Dear Friends