Wednesday, January 28, 2009


A lovely illustration by Sarah Jane

Another of Sarah Jane's lovely illustrations

I have been following the story of the new guidelines set up to police products made for children 12 an younger, CPSIA, for quite a while now. I have read as other bloggers and Etsy have posted about concerns. I feel that the lovely artist and fellow blogger Sarah, from Sarah Jane Studio's says it best in her very well written and informative post today. Please see post here. Sarah's Etsy shop is here. My favorite is the new Etsy pricing guide. I definitely won't be able to afford hand made for my children now.

There are so many wonderfully talented artisans that produce lovely one of a kind and unique products for children who will be affected by this new law. I was also horrified to read the other day that this law will encompass used items for children as well. How will this effect those who count on secondhand stores to clothe their children, not to mention toys and used books. I love buying used books for my girls. We wouldn't have all the lovely books that we do if it weren't for used like new children's books from local thrift stores. This law will not only affect small handmade businesses, but local thrift and consignment stores, those who home school , schools, and local library's. 

I am all for making products safer for our children, but I think the law has been taken to an unhealthy extreme. A few weeks ago I signed an online government petition to amend this bogus new law. Please go visit Sarah's blog, then go and do what you can to make a difference.



Thought I would share before I head back to the afternoon shuffle of homework, dinner, baths and jammie time. Another little sketch I did. I really think this could turn into a fun series of paintings. I know, I know, I still haven't posted any photos of the rest of the doll dresses yet. I still have to finish them. Dean is putting the last of the 4 can lights in our kitchen. I am so excited. However since the kitchen is where I do most of my creating, I will have to wait until he is finished to start sewing again. I am able to paint in the living room at the computer desk. So I am wishing and hoping to have a painting to show you by the end of this week. Keeping with my art rotation (got a little off the schedule last week) I will be working with paper next week. How about you, what projects are you hoping to accomplish this week?