Monday, October 13, 2008

Whole lot o' Cleaning Goin' On

I have been Cleaning up a storm. I have been organizing like crazy. I have washed, folded, and put all the girls winter clothes in their dressers and closets. I have packed away all the clothes that don't fit the girls anymore. Made a run to Goodwill with all that we no longer use. Packed up baby toys (the ones that are no longer age appropriate) sniff sniff. Packaged up all the mail to take to the post office tomorrow. Scrubbed down the bathroom. Cleaned the girls room......................... again. Organized our bedroom closet. 

Now that all of that is done I can focus. On the fun stuff. Like ART, and sewing, and other fall activities. Let me just tell you I feel so much better. I become a little edgy when things are not in order. If things aren't in order I can't relax and then nothing creative gets accomplished. 

Now on to other things. I know I mentioned Sloan was having some trouble with her eyes. We were blessed enough to take her to a wonderful eye Dr. who due to our lack of insurance for her a the moment, offered to give her an exam for a reduced charge. I was so touched at his kindness. He ran several different tests and the last one proved to be beneficial. He wants Sloan to go and see a neuro opthamologist. He is unsure about what exactly is causing her left eye to see lighter than her right eye. Hopefully the neuro opthamologist will be able to figure that out. When the nice eye Dr. was done with her eye exam and we were at the check out desk he informed me we had said thank you way too many times, he just wouldn't be able to charge us. I was floored. I had probably said thank you too much, but I was so grateful. I started crying, and told him thank you one more time. He seriously ran all the tests possible on Sloan. I am guessing it would have cost us a few hundred dollars if we were paying like any other patient. It was such a humbling experience.

The other thing that has been consuming all my spare time is working on getting my citizenship. I was born in Canada. Moved her with my folks when I was a month and a half old. Mom was an American, Dad Canadian. I just found out my dad never filed the paperwork that would show I was an American born abroad. My dad has been so wonderful in providing the documents that I need to file for my citizenship. He even lent us the money (I have promised to pay him back) to file all of the expensive forms. This has probably been my biggest stress. Until this is completely resolved, Sloan only has temporary insurance. With her diabetes temporary is not an option. 

Things are good, and blessings keep coming into our lives. I feel very blessed. Now back to all that art I keep promising..........................