Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Table Runners

I started these three table runners before Christmas for the girls teachers at school & also Sloan's Nurse at school. I worked really hard to finish them in time for the last day of school before holiday break & got everything but the binding on them. I took the almost finished runner to school & let them all know their gift would be a little late. Ugh! How embarrassing! I promised them all I would start working on their gift for next Christmas, now, lol! 

So I worked over the Christmas break & finished binding them last night. Last night people. What is my deal!?! It felt so good to finish them. I loved seeing how happy the teachers were when they got them this morning. It made all the work totally worth it. These teachers are amazing & love my girls & the kids they teach. It would be hard to thank them enough. 

I still have some of the fabric left over from this project & hope to make a few more to give as year ;)