Friday, May 1, 2009

Really High Hopes

Finished scales.......

unfinished scales.

I had really high hopes for the three mermaids. I actually thought I would have them finished by now. Sadly the scales are a little more labor intensive than I had planned, and the paintings still have a ways to go. I wasn't even able to start on the third mermaids scales yet. The good thing is that I am having so much fun with them. Sadly they won't be ready to drop off to Molly and the girls until Monday. 

Dean is staying home this weekend so we can all go and do something as a family. I'm excited. A weekend with Dean and the girls is just what I need. We plan on hitting a few yard sales, playing outside, working on the shed (I hope) and lots of painting for me. It should be a lot of fun. Oh, before I go, you have to run on over to my bloggy friend Sharon's blog and say hello. She has made the most adorable little softie for my girls. 

Only 1 more day to enter the spring giveaway!!