Friday, July 25, 2008

Owl Mommy & Her Babies Giveaway

Owl Mommy & Her Babies

Well friends here is the next illustration I am giving away to one lucky blogger. This is an illustration I did tonight for one of the labels on my blog. I am trying to work on a few things to make my blog look a little more personal. So please bear with me while I am redecorating. The little sign that momma owl is holding is for my "4 kids" link.

Who ever wins this little painting will be able to choose the initials or name that they want painted in the sign that she is holding. I will also add ribbons on the little owls ears if it is for a girl. For now I am leaving it gender neutral. I feel it could work in a boys or girls room. I haven't found a frame for this yet (just finished it) but as soon as I do I will post a picture of it in the frame.

So all you need to do now to have a chance at winning this little guy is to post a comment. If you link the contest to your blog, I will add your name to the drawing twice. I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Post Script. Oops! Silly me! I forgot to say when the contest ends. The last day for posting a comment will be on Monday, July 28th @ 4pm PST. This is so little Sloan, or maybe Zoe can pick the winner. This is so much fun! Look forward to hearing from you.