Friday, April 25, 2008


I'm sitting here blogging and we just had a pretty good little shake. The house shook so much my palms started to sweat. Dean and I just kind of looked at each other and kept waiting for it to stop and it didn't. All the art on the wall was chattering. I'm a Florida girl. I am used to hurricane force winds, rains and crazy tornado's. Earthquakes are just bizarre to me. When the shaking was over, I kind of felt sick to my stomach. There were a few tremors afterward. We just found out the earthquake was a 5.0 CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been having quite a few earthquakes around here lately. It makes me wonder when the big one is going to hit. Very weird.
P.S. We were just informed the quake has been lessened to a 4.9. The news reporter says that this number could change again before tomorrow. I will post more tomorrow. Goodnight for now!

Reading girls

Zoe reading to daddy.

All the laundry in the background, a weeks worth. It was hard to fold clothes and paint at the same time. I will be cleaning most of the weekend to catch up.

Here is my little reading buddy. She loves to read and she's really great at it.

Mozers kind of morning

The first thing Zoe does when she wakes up is puts her boot's on so she can go outside with daddy. Mind you this is at 6:45 am. Dean thinks she looks like a orphan child here, I would have to agree. She is quite the fashion victim.

This is 7:05 am. Zoe likes to walk around with Sloan's back pack. I wish I had this much energy this early in the morning.

Finished, finally

I finished the painting yesterday but I was so tired I didn't have a chance to post it yet. It was a good feeling to take it to JDRF and drop it off. Hopefully it will do OK at the auction.


My "little" sister's. Brennan and Cristin. I miss them sooooooo much!

Brennan, Sammie, and Cristin. Sammie is one of the cutest sweetest girls I know. She is a very dear friend of Bren and Cristin. My family live in an awesome neighborhood in Florida. It seriously brings to mind images of Donna Reid or Beaver Cleaver. They have the nicest neighbors.