Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Newest Illustration

Mallory Mouse in honor of little Mallory.

This is one of the paper illustrations I will be adding to the shop tomorrow. I broke down and bought some batteries today. For some reason I still can't find my battery charger. I am pretty positive it's chilling out with all the missing socks that I haven't been able to find. I am sure it will turn up sooner or later. Maybe it will convince a couple of those socks to come home too.

Miracles for Mallory Auction was a Success!

I find this picture so very touching. Wasn't she absolutely perfect? I just found out today that the Miracles for Mallory auction raised $2,662. This was the very first auction and there are already plans in motion for next years auction. If you are interested in helping with the next Miracles for Mallory auction please contact Shay at Olde Colonial Peddler for details. Little Mallory was diagnosed with Trisomy 18. She lived 4 days filled with lots of love. Although she lived such a short life she has touched so many peoples hearts. This fund was set up in her memory to help other families with babies who have been diagnosed with Trisomy 18.

It's 2 AM or Do you Know This Drunken Guy?

Yup. 2 AM. Well a little after 2 AM if we want to get all technical. I am awoken, woken, it's too early for good grammar folks, from a sound sleep by what sounds like a knock on the door. I'm like, who is it. I expect to hear the voice of a neighbor, but all I am getting is muffled garble. Nope not opening the door. We just watched a zombie movie the other night and this is just a little too much. So I open the blinds to see if I can figure out who is at our door. By this time I see a strange man with a ponytail walking past our window. No blood is oozing from his mouth or eyes, so I have ruled out the whole zombie theory. I call to Dean and let him know there is a "strange guy" outside our home. I love my husband for oh so many reasons. One thing about Dean that is super wonderful is he has a way with people, and he is extremely calm when handling these kind of situations. He leaps out the door in his boxers, no joke, and asks the guy, "Can I help you?". I have a feeling most men wouldn't be so polite in their conversation this early in the morning. They started conversing while I took care of the two screaming kids that were awakened by this "strange guy" out in our yard. A few minutes later I go outside to make sure everything is OK. I asked if I needed to call someone for him and he wanted to know where the letter "H" was. I'm like this is no episode of Sesame Street, this guy has got to be either a::drunk or b::high. We both figured he wanted to know where "h" street was, one street over. Dean politely told him good luck and shook his hand. The drunk guy left. I say drunk because by this time Dean filled me in on the outside conversation. Drunken man (we'll just call him this cause that's what he was) said he was trying to hide, and wondered if he could come into our house and sleep on the floor. Dean of coarse told him nope. He also said he worked for an Iron union. He was a pretty stout dude. I really do feel sorry for him. He reminded me of my ex husband (who, with all joking aside was a black out drunk, I divorced him 11 months into the marriage, but that's another story). I think he won't even remember that he was knocking on doors of strangers at 2 in the morning when he wakes up in jail tomorrow. Yes, the police picked him up down the street a few minutes after he left our home. I guess we were not the first door he had knocked on.

So I figured it would be fun to share a little early morning drama with you guys. I would have taken a picture, but I still can't find my charger. Hope everyone has a lovely day.

P.S. Mom, if you are reading this, don't worry. Tony had his loaded pistol and was at his back door while this whole situation was going down & Sara his wife had the shotgun loaded and was watching from the window. It's nice to live right next door to gun enthusiasts.